Say goodbye to doing your own bookkeeping.

We will ensure that all of your company's expenses, income, and transactions are recorded properly in your accounting software and reconcile your financial accounts.



Benefits we offer your business

valuable time

Using our bookkeeping service will allow you to focus on what is important to you, both within and outside of your business. Maybe you just don't want to have to worry about your business bookkeeping so you can focus on things outside of the office, such as your family and networking.


Having Tax free bookkeeping can do wonders for your business. An internal bookkeeper is often emotionally involved in the business. External bookkeeping services will be all business and may offer some crucial insight into your businesses financial situation.

Avoid financial

Bookkeeping is one of the most important parts of your business, and we believe a owner should know what's going on with his or her finance monthly. Doing your own bookkeeping can cause you improper or poor record keeping, Neglecting sales tax and not having backups. If you want to avoid these problems and getting audit call us 1-800-448-5341


It is always a bad idea to have your employees do your bookkeeping because creates privacy problems and takes them away from what they do best. We offer a very unique pricing structure called bookkeeping Pay as you go. Just like minutes you pay base on number of transactions. See pricing plan for more information


Best bookkeeping service price

Stater Package


Up to 100 transactions

  • Set Up Accounting Software
  • Up to 100 Transactions Entry
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Document storage

Corporate Plan


Up to 500 transactions

  • Set Up Accounting Software
  • Up to 500 Transactions Entry
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Document storage



Free Consultation

  • Dedicated Bookkeeper & Accountant
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Monthly or Quarterly Bookkeeping
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Financial Statements
  • Payroll Management

We understand how hard you worked to bill your business and COVID-19 has caused a lot of companies to fail, that's why we are offering a free business consultation when you become a customer.

About us

Fast and efficient service

Tax-Free Bookkeeping is an international business that provides accurate bookkeeping services to small businesses across North America and the UK. Founder Kirk Ranger has been an entrepreneur and business consultant for over 15 years, helping small businesses.

He noticed that a lot of companies were failing because of their lack of knowledge with handling money, and most accounting firms didn't know how to give proper advice, leaving business owners very confused. That's why business owners must know what to expect from their bookkeepers and accountants. We will help you figure this out before doing any work.

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  • Amazing and wonderful company, I will be using your service every month. Thank You.
    Lana Kamar
  • I just want to say thanks for helping me with my bookkeeping you guys did amazing job cleaning up financials and balancing my books. You are my bookkeepers for ever.
    Sophia Kim